The Benefits of Phoenix Gravel Paving

The fact is, gravel is a smart, efficient, cost-effective option for your yard or commercial property. Great for lowering water use, reducing landscaping costs and adding beauty to your property, gravel works well in residential and commercial locations.

Consider the benefits of using gravel paving in Phoenix:

  • PREVENTING STORM RUNOFF: Sudden heavy rainfalls and flash flooding in the Phoenix area can easily cause major problems with storm runoff. On concrete or asphalt paved surfaces, the water has nowhere to go, but on gravel driveways, the moisture is simply absorbed into the ground, causing no overflow problem to local municipal sewer systems.
  • LESS HEAT RETENTION: During the very hot weather that the Phoenix area is known for, gravel driveways don’t contribute to heat islands because the sun’s rays aren’t reflected on them.
  • WEED DETERRENT: Gravel helps to prevent the growth of weeds and is an easy solution for getting rid of muddy patches when landscaping a property.
  • BEAUTIFUL OPTION: There are many different kinds of gravel to choose from, in various colors and stone types.

Overall, in addition to being a much more economical paving and landscaping choice than other options, gravel installation in Phoenix is also a much more environmentally sound choice, lowering water usage and costs.


Benifits of Hiring A Licensed Phoenix Gravel Pavers

When you’re going to put in gravel at your property, it’s crucial that you choose a licensed landscape contractor who also knows how to help with landscaping design. Someone who understands gravel and landscaping will be the one best suited to knowing how and why to use decorative rock, how to reduce ongoing maintenance and what steps must be taken to ensure long-lasting value.

Additional benefits from licensed gravel paving contractors:

  • In-depth knowledge of how to properly install gravel
  • Cost savings from doing the job right the first time
  • Expertise on ways to minimize future maintenance work
  • Awareness of how to use gravel for water collection
  • Access to the most qualified gravel suppliers
  • Knowledge about which local stone will look most natural for the area
  • Advice on which gravel will look best with your home’s style
  • Full understanding of the local climate and how gravel works in Phoenix

Expert Gravel Pavers in Phoenix

Backed by 30 combined years of industry experience, All Valley Landscaping is passionate about exceeding customer expectations through personalized service at every step. As expert gravel contractors, we know all the perks of using gravel for paving and landscaping, from its attractive appearance to its affordability and value. What’s more, adding landscaping rock to Phoenix yards is a more environmentally friendly option than sod or grass! An area paved with gravel, compared with an area landscaped with grass or other vegetation, is also much more affordable to maintain as it doesn’t require regular watering. When you’re looking for expert installation of decorative rock at your Phoenix, AZ residence, look no further than All Valley Landscaping. Our team will be happy to give you the economical, beautiful and sustainable look you’ve been hoping to find! Contact us today to learn more!