All Valley Landscaping is Phoenix’s Most Competitive Licensed Landscape Contractor

Backed by over 30 years of combined experience, All Valley Landscaping is here to make your yard look its best. Servicing Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and Paradise Valley, we understand the unique challenges that come from hot desert conditions. And we use that knowledge to give our clients stunning landscapes that complement and complete their homes. As a trusted family business since 1999, we’re proud to be the most competitive Arizona licensed landscape contractor available — offering exceptional customer service alongside expert landscaping services, commercial and residential tree trimming and tree removal, landscaping design and renovation, sprinkler repair and installation and gravel installation. When you’re ready to add beauty and value to your property through outdoor work, contact us to see how easy and enjoyable the process can be.

Landscaping Services

All Valley Landscaping is Phoenix's premier landscaping company.At All Valley Landscaping, we understand which plants and trees work best in the Arizona climate. Come to us, and our Phoenix landscapers can help you create a lovely outdoor space filled with drought- and heat-resistant choices ideal for the area. We are proficient in complete renovations or even one time clean ups. What’s more, we can help you choose accompanying features like outdoor lights, paver patios, and ground coverings to complete the impressive effect of a new landscape renovation. Committed to the highest levels of service, we offer personalized attention and counsel that means a positive experience from beginning to end.

Tree Trimming and Removal

When it comes to tree removal and trimming, expert help is key — without it, a tree could easily be hurt or even killed, taking away an attractive part of your landscape. All Valley Landscaping has skilled professionals who know the best ways to trim trees in order to jumpstart, rather than squelch, growth potential. We know the difference between trimming and tree and pruning a tree. The price difference to prune a tree for all those that like the natural look is a little higher than to just trim the tree with pole trimmers. We have done both for years and find that a large percent just have us trim the tree because they get the most for their money. Our team understands the best ways to remove trees and tree stumps of all kinds. We deal with tree removals all around the area, at both commercial and residential locations.

Commercial And Residential Landscape Renovation

All Valley Landscaping offers great landscaping at a great price. Call today for our ratesWe’re just as familiar with renovating existing landscaping as we are with starting from scratch at a new home or business. Come to us for information about retaining walls, xeriscaping and more. Whether it’s replacing foliage, adding features like patios or fountains, putting in landscaping lighting, or something else — our Phoenix landscapers make sure you have the outdoor spaces you’ve always wanted.

Sprinkler Repair and Installation

Especially in the dry desert climate, regular watering is a huge asset to landscaping — and that’s why All Valley Landscaping offers sprinkler installation and repair services. Save yourself the trouble of standing outside with a watering hose, and automate the way you care for your yard. We’ve been working with sprinklers for years and know the ins and outs of dealing with small and large problems. With our help, you can have a superb, well-watered landscape for years to come. We use only the best products like Rian Dial clocks, Rain bird valves, hunter heads, and schedule 40 PVC pipe. We also do PVBs and main lines that extend from the city water to your home. We are considerably less expensive than plumbers.

Gravel Installation

Whether it’s for driveway paving or enhancing your yard, gravel can be an ideal finishing touch to a landscaped setting. Come to All Valley Landscaping for cost-effective, beautiful gravel installation of all kinds. Not only is gravel an appealing option, but it’s often more affordable and environmentally friendly than concrete, asphalt or grass. What’s more, gravel can save you the hassle of maintaining your lawn or the cost of the water bill from having to water your grass which has to be done quite a bit here in Phoenix AZ.

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